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Planned Events for Year 2013:

  • Adoption of the Villages in Ramayampet, Medak District, and provide them with Free Orthopedic and medical consultation, 50% discount on the Pathological and Biochemical Analysis.

  • Conduct free Orthopedic surgeries for the needy, Patients need only to pay for the medicines, implants and Anaesthetist charges. All file(s) will be uploaded online along with the bills and testimonials from the patients.

  • Planning and construction of Blood Bank: There is no blood bank near the Medchal and around areas, nearly a person has to travel nearly 30-40 km to arrange blood, due traffic conditions, it takes about 3-4 hours to arrange a unit of blood.

    • From Medchal upto KamaReddy which is about 80 kms, there is no blood bank, many of the patients die due to lack of blood availability mainly the most needy once like maternal postpartum hemorrhage (after Delivery – Severe bleed), Antepartum Anaemia, where mother cannot travel such a long distance to get the blood.

    • Most of the Road Traffic accident – where they cross the Golden hour of the resuscitation, where blood availability is much in demand, as it is 3rd most common cause of death mainly due to bleed and death.

    • For Bleeding Disorders, children suffering from the Factor VIII and Factor XI deficiency, they have to wait for their turn in a long waiting list in NIMS, Punjagutta, Hyderabad, where it is the only place for the availability of this drug. 

    • There is an immediate need for the setup of advanced blood bank center in the Medchal Area, for which a part of land has already been acquired. Arrange education camp for the village areas about safe drinking and sanitation.

  • Arrange education camp for the rural areas about safe drinking and sanitation.
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